We do and here's why we love the mobile web

It´s fun, it´s sociable, it gets you what you want when you want it. It´s now starting to provide real choice to phone users.
Phones are starting to look and work like a mobile version of the PC web. Anyone growing-up today expects easy access to the internet from a mobile phone - as easy as sending a text or making a call.

Here we bring together those companies who through their products and services clearly love the mobile web.
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I love mobile web, campaigns to:

Raise awareness of the mobile web with consumers around the world.
Encourage open access to the mobile web for every user
Provide consumers with choice of content and service
Provide easy pathways for fixed internet publishers to move to mobile
Encourage more standardization of devices and development platforms

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The winners of the ilovemobileweb Awards

ilovemobileweb Awards
The winners of the first ilovemobileweb Awards have been selected. The Awards were judged by an expert industry panel, including representatives from the dotMobi Advisory Group, Informa Telecoms & Media, Bango, and dotMobi.

More than 50 submissions from a half-dozen countries were considered for six categories:

Social Networking, Information, Entertainment, Corporate, Commerce and Retail, and Travel.

Here’s the full list of ilovemobileweb Award winners:

Social Networking
1st: MocoSpace with http://mocospace.mobi
2nd: Idea Earth with http://datinghelp.mobi
3rd: Makoye Media Ltd with http://casting.mobi

1st: Associated Press with http://apnews.mobi
2nd: News International with http://thesun.mobi and http://newsoftheworld.mobi
3rd: Taptu.com with http://taptu.mobi

1st: News International with http://thesun.mobi and http://newsoftheworld.mobi
2nd: iLyrics with http://iLyrics.mobi
3rd: Wapja.net with http://medalhaazul.mobi

1st: News International with http://thesun.mobi and http://newsoftheworld.mobi
2nd: Siruna with http://mynomadesk.mobi
3rd: Multimedia Solutions with http://vcupgrade.mobi

Commerce & Retail
1st: mobitainment with http://saskoflour.mobi
2nd: Vizisoft Networks with http://motorhomes.mobi
3rd: Wapja.net with http://urubu.mobi

1st: Zagat Survey with http://zagat.mobi
2nd: Kizoom ltd with http://kizzom.mobi
3rd: mobiguides.com with http://canadianrockies.mobi, http://lakelouise.mobi, http://jasperalberta.mobi and http://canmore.mobi