We do and here's why we love the mobile web

It´s fun, it´s sociable, it gets you what you want when you want it. It´s now starting to provide real choice to phone users.
Phones are starting to look and work like a mobile version of the PC web. Anyone growing-up today expects easy access to the internet from a mobile phone - as easy as sending a text or making a call.

Here we bring together those companies who through their products and services clearly love the mobile web.
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"Fli Digital is pleased to support the 'iLoveMobileWeb' campaign. There is so much potential for users to discover one-to-one personalized content on their handset. As a company with clients and technologies that make this possible, the more exposure the better! I Love the Mobile Web!"
Scott Teger, Managing Partner of Fli Digital

"We love mobile web because we are alive, hence, on the move! Our users want and need to access their data, their services, their networks any time, from anywhere. Our mission at Goojet is to render mobile web really easy and effective. On goojet.com, everyone can simply define its mobile space by selecting his favorite web sites; and can communicate, discover, share and exchange with other goojeters."
Marc Rougier, President of Goojet