We do and here's why we love the mobile web

It´s fun, it´s sociable, it gets you what you want when you want it. It´s now starting to provide real choice to phone users.
Phones are starting to look and work like a mobile version of the PC web. Anyone growing-up today expects easy access to the internet from a mobile phone - as easy as sending a text or making a call.

Here we bring together those companies who through their products and services clearly love the mobile web.
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"We are hyped about the mobile web because it's a way to bring information straight to our fingertips, whenever and wherever. The mobile web takes everything great about the traditional web, such as quick searches, information from worldwide sources, and facilitated communication, and gives it to you anywhere you are. Knovolo is completely enthused to be part of this new trend. As we work to deliver relevant, searchable knowledge to the mobile device, we are dedicated and eager to show people what a powerful tool the mobile web is."
Jay Holcomb, Knovolo

"We support the mobile web by bringing web 2.0 innovations such as tagging, rating and social networking to mobile music and by building a special mobile site at http://m.mjelly.com that provides all of the features of the web version, specially adapted for mobile".
James Coops, mjelly

"The mobile web enables a larger part of the society to get connected and explore outside world. It’s even more critical for countries like India where the penetration and access to information is very low in a vast part of the geography. We at mKhoj are contributing in expanding the mobile eco-system by providing monetization opportunity to the content owners through our mobile ad network."
Amit K Gupta, Co-Founder & VP Business Development of mKhoj

"The mobile web presents opportunities for the entire ecosystem giving consumers access to desired information anywhere, anytime. MMA is pleased to support all efforts geared toward advancing use of the mobile channel for marketing purposes including internet, text and more!"
Laura Marriott, president of the Mobile Marketing Association

"As the #1 Mobile Web and .mobi forum, Mobility.mobi is excited to support the ilovemobileweb campaign and invites everyone who loves the mobile web to join us! Our thriving community of mobile web developers, domainers, investors, and end-users is helping to pioneer this next frontier by meeting the growing demand for mobile web-specific discussion, information, networking, collaboration, and development. The mobile web is the future and the future is NOW!"
Andres Kello, Owner of Mobility.mobi.

"Mobtal.com is a pioneering art promotion company that is proud to be supporting the 'ilovemobileweb' campaign. We will do our utmost to raise consumer awareness of the mobile web whilst we actively promote our talented artist's and raise money for the charities that join our Mobtal community".
Gary Snow, Director of Mobtal Ltd

"We're honored to have the chance to be a charter member in the campaign to bring awareness of the mobile web to consumers. Its our belief that the mobile web is for everyone and so with MocoSpace people interested in connecting with new friends on their mobile phone can do so easily regardless of carrier, device capability or technical know-how."
Justin Siegel, CEO of MocoSpace

"The mobile web is a great way to find out about and buy products. Shops inflate prices because they have a captive audience, MyMart's mobile shops are a great way around this. The mobile web also allows you to take advantage of special offers immediately, getting the best prices before anyone else."
Ben Godfrey, MyMart

"oneSearch Mobile loves the mobile web because it brings a closer, unique and discreet experience for the mobile user. They can access the mobile web almost anywhere, check there favourite sites, Facebook, eBay, Google, and many more, all from a dedicated mobile site built upon its 'users experiences'."
Andy Buck, CEO of oneSearch Mobile