We do and here's why we love the mobile web

It´s fun, it´s sociable, it gets you what you want when you want it. It´s now starting to provide real choice to phone users.
Phones are starting to look and work like a mobile version of the PC web. Anyone growing-up today expects easy access to the internet from a mobile phone - as easy as sending a text or making a call.

Here we bring together those companies who through their products and services clearly love the mobile web.
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"'Mobile internet for everybody' is the vision and mission of Peperoni since 2000, because we always loved the mobile web, we are pleased to support this campaign with our mobile UGC services for all enthusiastic users worldwide who want to discover the boundless possibilities of the mobile web!"
Maciej Kuszpa, CEO of Peperoni

"Pilot.mobi is pleased to support the 'ilovemobileweb' campaign by providing maps and directions from any web enabled cell phone while on the go. We look forward to helping 'ilovemobileweb' spread the word about the mobile internet."
Karyn Patasuis, VP of Marketing, Pilot.mobi

"Good games must be available for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Now with Bango we provide a one shot global solution for gamers chasing the latest titles and casual games. We support the ilovemobileweb campaign through our site play2me.mobi, which customizes the site for each individual user upon evaluating its preferred titles or genres, this way, user satisfaction is improved at a carrier grade site."
Roberto Fernández, CEO of Aztive Mobile Solutions

"We have waited too long hoping that the multi-national, decision makers would understand the importance of promoting the mobile web to consumers all around the world. It is for this reason that we are proud to support the ilovemobileweb initiative and be an active member of a group of companies dedicated to creating value for this medium. Safira Solutions has always been an enthusiastic promoter of the mobile web, enabling site publishers, advertisers and developers with its mobile web development tools."
Ghatim Kabbara, Founder & CEO of Safira Solutions

"StarTech brought the mobile web to Romania. For now, we're mobilizing the most popular web sites around. Soon, we're going to provide a powerful SDK to mobile web developers. So, we definitely love the mobile web!"
Alexandru Stanciu, Co-Founder of StarTech

"We love the mobile web because it allows people all over the world who don’t have a PC to connect and profit from the endless possibilities of the web. Many of our millions of users don’t have a PC, they surf, create sites, interact with others, have fun on the mobile and even make money."
Shaun Zelber, Founder - Chairman of TexoMobile