We do and here's why we love the mobile web

It´s fun, it´s sociable, it gets you what you want when you want it. It´s now starting to provide real choice to phone users.
Phones are starting to look and work like a mobile version of the PC web. Anyone growing-up today expects easy access to the internet from a mobile phone - as easy as sending a text or making a call.

Here we bring together those companies who through their products and services clearly love the mobile web.
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WAPJA.NET was born mobile, thinks mobile, develops mobile, our users are mobile... We induce endusers to get mobile and make sure they find the relevant stuff for their daily life where ever they are, when ever they like, for free, on their mobile device - no matter the carrier, the device or browser - We do it for our network and we help others to become mobile around the globe. At the same time we help advertisers and agencies to discover the mobile media and show them how to think mobile.
Felix von Planta, Co-founder WAPJA.NET

"We believe that every dialogue between the customer and the brand will start on the mobile web. We believe the mobile web will be the first place someone goes when they want to be entertained. We believe the mobile web will generate the next wave of film makers, animators, writers and musicians. We believe that the mobile web will be the new creative hothouse. We love the mobile web."
Ben Scott-Robinson, Creative Director of We Love Mobile

"Winksite is pleased to be a charter member of the 'ILoveMobileWeb' campaign. Winksite shares the love by making it easy for anyone to create a free mobile Web site and community that can be viewed worldwide on any phone. The Mobile Web is one world with no borders and 3 billion connected people -- claim your piece."
David Harper, Founder & CEO of Winksite

"We at Wizzfone love the mobile web. It is the democratic Internet for the world; soon half the world will have the internet in their pockets. It will be the biggest market the world has ever known. Wizzfone is helping the Mobile Internet grow, by breaking down barriers and helping users and information to flow, where they both need to go. The real internet is on your Fone!"
Ian Musselwhite, CEO of Wizzfone